SQL Server consultancy services
Nigel Rivett

Microsoft MVP

I started work as a software developer for CAP Group (later merging with Sema Group), a major software house before becoming freelance after 8 years.
For the last few years I have taken on mainly technical team leader, developer/database control roles but also have experience of project and IT management.
My core experience is with MS SQL Server together with MS Visual Basic, ASP, .net and MS Access.
I prefer a technical role in a development environment giving design and implementation advice to teams while developing the system.
I have been involved in all stages of the system development including data analysis, design, development, testing, installation and support.

My last few roles have been in control of the database development and training of support DBA’s together with the database access methods and release procedures and client layers/middle tier in Visual Basic/ASP.
I have taken a senior role in designing the system architecture and providing design and implementation advice to teams while developing the system and be involved in training of support staff and defining support procedures and usually providing support for the initial release. I like to have close control of the code and standards applied to the database servers. I am happy also to be involved in the front end development in VB and ASP and offer technical support to teams.

Formative years working in assembler on IBM Series/1. Retrained in VB when that m/c went out of fashion.
Soon realised how little relational database expertise companies had so spent all my time working on that.
Now stick to architecture, Release control / IT processes, sql server and access methods in VB/ASP/Crystal Reports/reporting services.
Have been involved with SQL Server for about 10 years from v4.2 to v2005, awarded Microsoft MVP status in 2003.

Try to stay away from anything presentation oriented (see my web site).
Theoretically semi-retired but seem to keep being offered potentially interesting work.