SQL Server consultancy services
Nigel Rivett

Microsoft MVP

Services offered

I am willing to be involved in all areas of sql server development and production systems

This can include offerring advice to single developers e.g. you are uncertain how to approach a problem or have no experience in using sql server and need someone to guide you or just to reassure you that you are on the right track.

It can also include large systems where you need guidance as to the approach or just another opinion to help your system architects or developers.

Design advice and review
Performance review
Implementation advice and review
Architecture advice and review
Release procedures and control
Development procedures
Interfaces with remote systems - data flow, process control, distributed queries, etc.
Use of DTS including environment independence
File import/export
Backup strategies
Production system maintenance

The most benefit will by obtained from an involvement at an early stage in building a system where I can offer advice about the methods being used and highlight risk areas and methods for reducing that risk.

At system test systems are often discovered not to perform due to data volumes, inefficient code, environment problems etc. For these systems I can offer advice as to how to re-architect the system while still keeping as much of the existing working code as possible and give a migration plan to the new system.

After release systems often have problems due to the number of users, data volumes, environment problems, business requirements. For these systems I can offer advice as to how initially improve the system by making the minimum changes and then to re-architect and migrate the existing system whilst minimising down time.

Any payments/donations can be made via paypal - see previous page